Friday, December 6, 2013

The Christmas Tree Story

We have never had a real tree.  Since our artificial tree is rather full, I suggested that for this year we try to find a smaller live tree.  Then I thought, wouldn't it be festive if we went out to a tree farm and chop down our own tree.  I had visions of my manly husband chopping it down with an ax, wearing a plaid shirt with suspenders and big mountain man boots---who am I kidding, my husband does not wear plaid, but I do.

Tuesday, I called Kevin at work and suggested that he come home early.   I had been researching Christmas tree farms in the Hampton Roads area and the one that I thought sounded perfect closed at 5:00 and I knew that we would never make it there if we waited  for Kevin to come from work at the normal time.

In my research, I noted that our drive would be close to hour to get our tree farm, a price I was willing to pay for good old fashioned Christmas fun.  I did not note that it was 1 mile from the North Carolina border.  We drove and we drove.  The sun was low in the sky when we pulled up and I wondered if they took the big trees inside at night.  The owner, who was a very kind man, handed us a saw, no ax in sight, and said "I hope you find one..."
Please note the height of the trees in the foreground and the row of perfect firs in the background

 Well, as it turns out, Christmas tree farms are very popular around here because they are few and far between.  The crop was rather picked over, and while I saw a couple trees that I thought may do the trick, there was a row of pre-cut fraser firs calling my name.  In the end we drover nearly all the way to North Carolina to by a pre-cut tree. 

Kevin is questioning my judgment or my sanity in this picture

Maggie's face says it all.  "Really Mom, North Carolina?"
Here I am with my tree
And here is Kev pretending to cut it down for a picture

 When we finally arrived back in our neck of the woods we stopped in our local hardware store to buy a tree stand, and there in perfect bundle rows, were fraser firs for the same price that we paid for ours from North Carolina.

Holly Jolly


Art Teacher's Mom said...

LOL...Your Dad said it sounds like one of Babette's plans. At least you have some "staged" photos at the tree farm...always a nice memory. Kevin is finally smiling in the "pretending to cut down a tree" picture. Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

Sandra said...

Love this tale - hope everyone enjoyed the outing. Libby certainly looked excited brandishing the saw!