Sunday, December 8, 2013


2 things, well maybe 3.
1.  While we were decorating the tree, every time Libby found a shiny glass ornament she would run up to me, shove it right in front of my eyes and say "Oh Mommy, isn't beautiful, it's made of gold and franklin!" Frankincense? Maybe.
2.  She was really difficult today.  I lost my cool.  I'll do better tomorrow.  She said she couldn't listen that well today because she was wore out from the music hurting her ears.  What? She'll do better tomorrow.
3.  When she prayed tonight she said "thank you God for Cooper's laugh and thank you for his smile." It softened my tensed up shoulders. We sunk into a goodnight hug and kiss, I told her she was my favorite Libby in the whole world and a precious girl.  She told me I was her favorite Mommy in the whole world and I was a precious girl.
I couldn't love her more.

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Sandra said...

That's the Libby we know and love - a little pickle all day then she comes out with something that melts your heart. She really is a precious little girl.