Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas and Cooper Both Start With The Letter "C"

That is the perfect reason for me to write an entire post about our tiny son...or just show you pictures of him.
Sometimes I can't stop taking pictures of him.  Wait, what?  Have I said that before?

 One day soon I'll write about how he melts my heart with those eyes.  I'll write how he sleeps perfectly in the bend in my arms when I forget to put him back in his cradle after his early, early morning feeding.
 I'll write about his beautiful smile and how he laughed way before Baby Center said it was time. I'll write how amazing it is to watch him grow.  I'll tell you that with every ounce I just know he will be so strong one day. A fierce protector of those that he loves, just like his Dad.
 I'll tell you how I love him more than I ever could have imagined.
But not today.
Today I'll post picture after picture of his darling face.
Now, I know that Grandma and Babette would keep coming back to my blog everyday to see posts  about their grandson with pictures that are only marginally different from each other, but just in case someone else is reading I decided to make it a little more interesting. Maybe I was feeling bored, or maybe I thought staying up past bed time to play on Photoshop was a good idea.  Whatever the reason,  here we have a very focused Karate Cooper. Wax on, wax off.
 Harley Cooper...stylin' on his trike
 Debonair Cooper
 Soccer (Football) Cooper.  Hey Dad, look at me go!
Skater Cooper
 My personal favorite, Super Cooper
And this friends is why I have important things in my life that are not done.  You're smiling now though aren't you?  See, time well wasted.
And because there is only 21 days left until Christmas, here is Christmas Cooper.
 Grace and Peace


Sandra said...

I love all the pictures you post whether they are of Cooper or the girls and don't mind how many there are!
The Photoshop pictures are clever - I particularly like Debonair Cooper - and you are right, they did make me smile.

Art Teacher's Mom said...

These made us smile also. Hands down, he is a beautiful baby and we never get tired of looking at the pictures. I think I'd have to say Skater Cooper was my favorite.

Laura said...

Skater Coops is definitely my favorite.

Andrea said...