Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stuck In the Middle

Maybe I should save this title for a post when I really have time to write about my concerns for our middle darling.
 Until then, I'll just say that my quiet and shy girl has turned some kind of two year old threshold over that last month or so and on the occasion has become quite stubborn.  Since her baby brother has arrived, she has abandoned her post as my shadow and clings to whoever is here to give her the most attention.
   Makes me a little sad when she wants someone else besides me, but I am thankful there has been someone here to be fully hers when she needs them to be...thanks Kev, Babs and Grandma.
Not to be out done by the other two, here are some sweet pics of just Mags, that Kev snapped at bedtime the other night.

Just she and I got to eat lunch together today and she giggled the whole time.  Her little laugh is like music to my ears.  Hopefully, she'll do just fine being stuck in the middle.
Grace and Peace


Art Teacher's Mom said...

My girl!!

Abigail said...

I am a middle child myself, sandwiched in between four boys with the only other girls faaaar away on either end, and I turned out okay....right? Wait, maybe setting myself forth as an example isn't so encouraging. ;)

She is darling, and with God's grace you'll parent her new stages just as well as her old (tho' it may take a little more work and time on your knees!).