Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Million Little Things

I bought a really baggy $5 t-shirt the other day that says "love and magic."  It is what having a newborn is like.  I love everything about this boy.  These things include but are not limited to....
1.  His eyes.  They are very similar to the girls,  deep blue and very round.
 2.  His teeny tiny baby feet.  Life doesn't get much better than baby feet.  Amen and amen.
 3.  All this blue stuff.  He is such a little boy, sometimes I even see muscles.
 4.  He crinkly, wrinkly newborn skin.
 5.  A sleepy baby yawn.
 6.  Peaceful sleep and did I say baby feet?
 7.  Wait, one more baby yawn and the beginning of a stretch.
 8.  His "oh, so contented face."  which between you and me means that he needs  a new diaper.
 9.  The way he looks at me.  Can he really see me?  I'm not sure what newborns can see, but it sure does feel like he sees me.

I'm in love again, with another man, and it is amazing.
Filled with love and magic ;) 
Grace and Peace


Art Teacher's Mom said...

Oh my goodness...those pictures of little Cooper are just beautiful. My phone, as nice as the pictures are cannot compare with these. Thanks so much for posting. Can't wait to see him again. Wonder when that will be. BTW, have you had a chance to look for a rental for me yet?

Abigail said...

He is so beautiful. Perfect little features and curious eyes!