Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beach Babies

Lately we have been talking a lot about our future here.  We have enjoyed our little experiment living just a stones throw from the seaside, but we are learning that as a growing family our darlings need space around them and not just down the street.  We our exploring our area and dreaming about the day that we can plant some roots here.  You know how we do though...Ask me about those roots in three years.  Until then, here we are enjoying the seaside with our baby boy for the first time.

 Kev got a new "Daddy" size surf board.  He's holding on to his surf board from his twenties, but he bought this one to, ahem, suit his needs better at this stage of life.  I did ask him to look a little less awkward standing next it, but I think this request made him act even more awkward standing with his new friend.
 Hey kids, could someone look at the camera?
 Thank goodness Grandma was here to run with girls, because baby wasn't loving his first trip to the ocean side, I think I fed him the whole time we were there.
 Hey, Libs put you snack down!  I had about ten of these shots with them together and in every single one she has her snack in front of her face.
 In other news Maggie's hair reached new levels of big on this day.  Salty sea air, plus wind, equals a big hair day for the Littlest.
 Cooper is just trying to center himself and not freak out.
 Isn't strange how Kev stayed perfectly still even though the children were loosing their minds around him.

This was the only way I was willing to pose for a picture, laying flat on the ground hiding my post baby belly from view.  I don't mind having one if it means I get to keep these three though.  This is kind kind of my sweet spot, surrounded by my darlings.

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Sandra said...

Poor Cooper really doesn't look excited about his first family outing to the beach. Before you know it he will be following his Dad into the waves with his own surf board!