Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Boy

 Sleepy, snugly baby.
 Libby and Maggie have a lot of their own posts throughout the years.  It is only fitting that he should have a few that are his own.
Creepy hand.  I should have edited that out.

Post lunch milky dribble.  I kind of love it.  Life is so blissful for him in this moment.  By the way, he is about 10 times chubbier today than he was when I took this picture.

She loves him in a "fasten your seat belt" kind of way
 This next one makes my heart skip a beat, and just for a moment I have to pinch myself so that I know that this is real.
 There is a possibility that the following pictures are all very similar.  Choosing just one of them was making my head hurt, so I posted them all to save myself the heartache.  You know how that is, right?


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Sandra said...

I'm so pleased you posted all the pictures of Cooper in the sunlight - they are all beautiful and deserving of being included in the blog.