Monday, August 19, 2013

Playing Dress Up

I was going to post tonight about August nights that are cool enough to wear sweaters, but my pictures weren't that great.  Instead, I'm posting these pictures from playing dress up the other day.  I know that this one is a little bit blurry but Maggie's little hands are still just enough baby to make my heart swell.  Maggie is the best hugger I've ever met.

They both wanted to wear white dresses.  Libby was Ariel and Maggie was Belle.  After they found their dresses, they wanted me to do their make up, and I kind of made them let me fix their hair.  My children do not like their hair fixed, I think it has to do with me making them wear head bands that squished their tiny little brains when they were babies.  My Aunt Di used to call them head squishers.
Five minutes after we finished our photo session, they saw their friends outside ridding bikes.  Libby changed out of her dress faster than they destroyed their closets trying to find their dresses, but Maggie wore her's for the rest of the day, ridding her bike, taking her nap, all the way to bedtime.  I should have taken a picture of Maggie on her trike while wearing the dress.

I wish I had more to say tonight, I just really liked these pictures. This little corner by the steps in our house is one of my favorite places here.  It is the perfect picture taking spot because of all the light that floods in.  I think it makes their pretty blues sparkle.

I'm so thankful for their sistership.  Maggie still goes to Libby for comfort all the time.  I hope that doesn't ever change.  I still go to my sister for comfort all the time.
That is all.
I'm happy to be back in the picture taking world.
It feels normal for me to stop my whole day to do a photo shoot of dress up play.
Grace and Peace


Art Teacher's Mom said...

This was like a vitamin for me and just what I needed to get myself going. Priceless! Maggie on her bike in a white gown...maybe you'll have another opportunity to snap that one :)

Sandra said...

I am also happy that you are back in the picture taking/blogging world!
They both look so grown up in their white dresses and make up.