Friday, May 31, 2013

Laying Low and Playing Slow

I have fond memories of the brief period of time when Kev and I moved from Florida to Virginia.  We didn't know anybody and it was just him and me exploring our new stomping ground and finding our feet.
As much as I was resisting moving and leaving everything we were comfortable with, I have really enjoyed the last three weeks here in our new digs.  We don't know anyone so we have no outstanding commitments except to each other which is a little bit refreshing.  We are spending are evenings together, I am cooking dinner almost every night, we are laughing more, and that is the real reason why we made yet another big move.
As for the house...I know pinning over a house was a little bit silly, but I really liked my old house.  We had poured some love into it and I was more attached to it than I thought I was.
This is the front of our new house

I put it on my instagram the other day and one of my friends commented "this house was made for you."  I call it our little blue cottage by the sea.  It is missing things that we had before like a garage, a large yard, and room to park both of our cars, but just a minute from our door we have this.

And most days or nights we take our girls for a walk and I take pictures like this with my phone because I can't get the camera to work.

I would say that we are settling in just fine.  In fact we met a man the other night who told us now that we are here we are never going to leave.  Maybe he is right, maybe it is because summer is easing itself in slowly and being outside is better than being in, but I am loving the easiness that comes with living near the beach.  

Before I end this post, since blogging hasn't been a priority in my life lately I throw these strawberry picking pictures in at no extra charge.  The girls and I drove out to the country our first week here to pick some lovelies.  We lingered there all day and when we came home we made Kevo a strawberry rhubarb was tasty.  I actually wish I had more of it right now.

One more thing, I am very aware that the little girl above and below is about to loose her title as my baby.  I've been savoring things about her that still seem so little to me, like the way she talks, and the way she sleeps with her mouth just so.  I know that when her brother arrives, if there were traces of baby left they will all but melt away.  She is my shadow, my little helper.  Even now she is sitting at my feet pretend cooking while I type. I hope that never changes, even when there is a new baby in my arms.  Nearly 2 1/2 years later and I still think she is the sweetest little thing I ever did know.

I think that catches me up, sort of.  Maybe next time I'll stage the little blue cottage and take some pics for you.  Right now there is still no pictures on the walls, and there are toys on the floor.
Even if I stage pictures, there will probably still be toys on the floor and I'm okay with that. :)
I like it here.
Grace and peace


Sandra said...

A lovely lot of pictures - thank you. I know I have seen quite a few of the on Instagram but I can't save them - atleast I don't think I can!

Really pleased that you are getting the opportunity to spend quality time as a family and are happy at Virginia Beach.

Art Teacher's Mom said...

I love the pictures also. Hope I have an opportunity to visit soon before the girls grow too much. The weather must be great for multiplying Maggie's curls. :)

Dawn said...

Carly, your house is adorable just like you and your family :) Enjoy your cottage by the beach!

Diane said...

This house has such character! So glad you're having such great family time!

Abigail said...

Arg. The whole reason why I hopped here was to tell you how perfectly charming your new home looks because I've been meaning to every since you posted this. Then I got sidetracked by the rest of your posts. :) I'm supposed to be preparing for company right now. Oops.

Charming cottage! It looks like it's made for a Martha magazine.