Saturday, December 8, 2012


My darlings are nestled all snug in their beds and I am thinking that on next year's countdown I am going to take the weekends off...I would like to get nestled in my bed, but I still have to plan a Sunday school lesson.  Today was day 8, if my memory serves me correctly.  Our task was to watch a movie Christmas movie with Daddy bc he is finally home.  Libby complained about the movie and Maggie cried for me to hold her.  Then we went outside together instead and the same thing happened, Libby complained and Maggie cried.
Even the best made plans sometimes don't turn out...and I'm okay with that.  I think that one of the first job requirements of parenthood is flexibility.   I may have flexed my ladies a bit too far this weekend after our bead partying last night and our carol singing tonight (did I mention that my friend released her CD today and it is amazing and we attended the release tonight and kept the girls out past their bedtime again.  Hmmm, I'm glad that run-on sentence came to play since it has little to do with my post) We are great parents, 9:30 bed time two nights in a row is just fine.  I hope that you can hear my sarcasm where you are..I think that they have reached their limit.
I'm hoping that some well needed rest and healthy eating tomorrow will make us merrier than we were today.
Until then...
Dream sweet.  Unless of course you are reading this in the morning, in which case I will say good morning.
Grace and Peace


Art Teacher's Mom said...

I am reading this after lunch on Sunday. I thought about it last night but decided it was much too late. Sad...but true.
"Merry-memory making" while very good, can be exhausting for parents and little ones. Glad you mustered up enough energy to post.

Sandra said...

A bit like the previous weekend - 2 late nights - shopping at the Mall and then the fireworks at Williamsburg - and they are not at their best the next day.
I suppose I might allow you the weekends off for next years countdown as I do know how late you stay up composing your blog!