Sunday, April 18, 2010

Manipulate This

I took the Little to her 18 month check up a month late this week.
Does your pediatrician make you feel like your a bad parent?
Mine does.
I don't think that she does it intentionally. I like her, really I do.   I don't think I want a new doctor or anything, but here are some examples of her making me realize my short comings....
Dr:  "Mrs. Jones, how many words does Libby know?"
Me:  "Do you want a number?" (in my head I'm frantically going over the words I here all the time, baby, mommy, dadue, kitty, nack....)
Dr: "Yes, is it 6-12, or 12-20"
Me:  "Well, I don't know, she tries to repeat everything I say, so yeh, she knows a lot"
Dr:  "Yes, but how many does she say with out promting"
Me:  " I would say definitely 12-20"
To myself: "is there some study guide I didn't get, about taking your child to the Dr.'s and how to answer their questions appropriatly?"

Next example
Dr:  "Mrs. Jones, does Libby stack blocks?"
Me:  "Ummm....Libby doesn't have any blocks, but she loves to carry bags around the house and put stuff in them" (Not the right answer)
Dr: "Just buy her some cheap blocks, she needs manipulatives for those fine motor skills"
To Myself:  "Right, cause she doesn't get that from pretend shopping?"
Me:  "Yeah, I really should get her some blocks, but you know,  all the block sets come with hundreds of pieces and guess who will be cleaning them up? Me, that's who"
To Myself:   "Did I just say that out loud?"
Dr. to Herself:  What a selfish mom, doesn't she want her kid to learn?  I'm disgusted"
Dr:  She doesn't need a hundred, just like 4"
To Myself:  "Whatever, get off my case, I'll buy her some blocks and where do I buy that study guide?!"
Me:  "I'll go to the store on my way home Doctor!"

Next...the kicker!
Me:  "So, I really think Libby is allergic to peanuts"
Dr (looking shocked and horrified):  "Why did she have nuts?"
Me:  "Well, it could have been a dessert, it could have been a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I gave her"
Dr. (pretty sure she was about to call child services):  "You gave her peanut butter????  They are not suppose to have peanut butter until they are 3!"
To Myself:  "That's interesting because last time you said 2"
Me:  Yes Dr, you mentioned that before, but I am being honest, she's had it, and her nasty diapers and rash tell me there's a problem and I would like to know what to do about it?"
To Myself:  "Seriously, where do I get 'The Clueless Parent's Guide To the Doctor's Office?'
Then there was a whole talk about Pediatric Allergists and all I heard was blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...
So, do I need to go buy an epi-pen and hang a sign around her neck that reads "stay back you Skippy lovers, my baby  is allergic"...
I still have this strange hope that maybe she really isn't allergic, and her life can be filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and imaginary shopping trips to the living room with her baby dolls, talking in her own little Libby language, that is always filled with wonder and excitement....

Until then, we'll be eating sun butter sandwiches, while stacking our blocks, discussing the condition of our world, while I very carefully keep a running total of every words she says in my daily planner...
Do you know me?  I don't have a planner!  Even if I did, it would end up in the bottom of my purse, jam packed full of receipts that I should have thrown away months ago.

Grace and Peace friends, here's to gold star parenting!


Beth K said...

You are hilarious! And a great mom! So don't worry in the least about your little! She's doing fantastic for her age.

Your pediatrician sounds a bit intense. Mine is so relaxed and always encouraging. I don't think he's every lectured me about anything, but especially not play time, ha ha!

Jan said...

Carly, you should write a parenting book for parents. It would be so funny and yet informative. I think adding pictures of Libby would make it a best seller... even without Oprah's help!

By the way, did I mention, you are a great mom.

Laura fixed my account so I don't have to sign as "anonymous" anymore.

Jill said...

What does a doctor know anyway? That Little is going to grow out of her "peanut-rashy-ness" and we're going to eat plenty of Babettes buckeyes in years to come. Love you guys.

Jessica said...

1. You are a great mom AND a fun mom!!
2. Some Dr's can be a little intense
3. I gave my kiddos peanut butter WAY earlier than 3...I think even a little earlier than 2.
4. Her little rash could be just because she was sensitive to new foods...Maddie would get that from time to time because her body was adjusting...but she isn't actually allergic to anything
5. Carrying purses around and shopping is the best Fine motor skill teaching ever!!!

The Herrenbrucks said...

I am seriously crying laughing. You know what I think about you... SUPERMOM! Happy block stacking. Ps- Hope has never stacked blocks either.

Sandra said...

Libby is very clever to make such a perfect building with her new bricks but I think she is happier playing with the dolls - she is tucking them in and being a very good Mum - must be your example so don't worry about what that silly pediatrician says!

PS - I love the new header for your blog

Mel said...


John said...

Yes, my doctor has made me feel that way, too!

And, the only reason we have blocks is because someone passed them down to us. Honestly, if that hadn't happened, we wouldn't have them, either. They are pricey!

When LittleTyke's speech therapist was here, she asked me how many words Maryn has, and I had no idea. So I started making a list and it became endless. But it was kind of neat to think about. Having her around to remind me to help Maryn speak has helped her become more verbal. So hopefully you can just take your dr.'s comments and use them for good!

HUNDREDS of things improve a child's small motor skills! Coloring with different types of things, painting, and lots more. YOU are doing a great job!!!

Amanda said...

That was me, Amanda, on your last comment. :) I just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't being pushy, lol. I mean, building with blocks is SO NOT the only way to build a kid's small motor skills and not many people think to buy little girls blocks.

Lisa A said...

This post cracked me up. I totally used to feel that way with Alivia's doctor, and everytime I left her office I felt like I was a worse parent walking out than when I walked in! I know you said you like her, but let me just tell you what a difference it makes going to a doctor who doesn't make you feel that way. It's up to you, but I would not stick with someone who makes you feel that way because you don't deserve it whatsoever. You are a great mom, no matter what she says. The people who really know you, obviously agree.
P.S. I think it's funny that Libby says dadue because Alivia sayd that all the time!

Beearedubbya said...

I would totally buy your parenting book! Will you sign it for me?

Rebecca said...

oh my goodness..I think I just saw a foreshadowing of myself in about 15 months! We love Madeline's Dr...but I did get a little talking to about her needing more tummy time...but she hates it! Oh're a fantastic mom!

ps - and thanks for the 3 year update, I'm still over here on the wait 1 year for pb bandwagon!

MommyB said...

Aves had pb earlier too, everywhere you look it's different, don't be hard on yourself, Libby looks like she's doing wonderfully, and she's getting a lot of great life experiences that most kids don't. Pride yourself in showing her nature and imaginary play. :) You do an awesome job of that!!!! :)