Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Casualties

How sad is this picture? We said goodbye to the headless, legless cat ornament, and to the shattered snowman snow globe this morning. They're off to that tacky Christmas decoration haven in the sky!
In other news, the Little's morning play time has been ever so cute these days. The other moring I turned the corner at just the right moment and I caught her doing this.We sing a song together that goes
"Libby has her hat on,
Hip, hip, hip, horray,
Libby has her hat on,
And it's coming off today."
Then we go around and sing with every one in the room. Which in our case involves Mommy, Gus, and Trouble, generally.

She and Gus were the only ones in the room so I guess she was just singing to him
Then today, when I was reading in the chair, she kept bringing me dolls and stuffed toys, urging me to play with her. Below is the scene that followed

After the toys, she brought them food
(Please note that besides the larger stuffed toys she also brought the teeny tiny wise man from her Nativity)

Then she prepared it using utensils and dishes

After everyone was finished eating she washed their faces
I am not lying or exaggerating one bit. It was a sweet, imaginative moment for sure.

One last thing.
I promise you that she does enjoy being outside and doesn't always cry. I also promise that every time she cries I don't whip out the camera. I really do comfort her when she is sad on most occassions. However, the other day we popped outside to enjoy the last few minutes of warm sun (I use the term warm very loosely) She was having a great time until she bumped her knee...she wasn't hurt at all but struggled to make a quick recovery, and well...
I couldn't help myself, nor could help myself from posting them..rotten Mommy I am, I know.

Here's our dialog
Libby: "Ahhhhhhh"
Me: Libs you're okay? Smile for Mommy.

Libby: Ahhhhh (louder and more pitiful now)
Me: It's okay sweetie just a couple more clicks

Libby: Ahhhhhhhhhh (this time giving it real gusto)
Me: Seriously my precious little dumpling this is the last shot

Libby: Wait I don't know why I'm crying
Me: Neither do I or do any of the neighbors (but I'm sure they are wondering)
End Scene

Here's hoping we have more imaginary breakfasts, with a giant sheep dog wearing a top hat and less bumped knees.
Grace and peace my friends!


MommyB said...

I love when they have imaginitive play, it's awesome to see what they'll do. Occasionally Aves "friends" go to time out, and go potty (complete with sounds) and wash hands of course.

Sandra said...

I think Gus looks adorable in his posh hat - he seems really happy for Libby to do what she likes with him.
Please tell Libby that Grandma will be much more sympathetic than her Mum is - or is it your way of making her think that she should just pick herself up and get on with having fun?

Jill said...

She's the smartest child I know. And she loves her Gussy.

Please continue to take dialog shots of her life. I can just hear you talking to her as she screams at the top of her lungs and it makes me chuckle.

Laura said...

Your child is so dramatic. No idea where she could get that trait from...

I love you and wish we were there, sitting by the fire, with blankets and mochas.

Amanda said...

Don't you just love girls?!