Monday, December 28, 2009


Hands down, favorite Christmas gift, giant box of Aunt Annies variety snacks.

She signed more for them all morning, Then she got them and she was glad, She even liked them more than this shopping cart, She would not share any with him so he was forced to eat a wooden hammer,

Here she is telling us how glad she is that she got a box of Christmas bunnies.


Sandra said...

That is a very big box of snacks for a little girl! I hope they were healthy snacks and not all chocolate!
Enjoy the rest of your time in Baltimore with all the family.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! You are back! I have missed Libby and your blogs.
Love, Jan Mc

Jessi said...

Are you gonna tell me where to get all these great hair accessories? I have a girl to dress up ya know...

Amanda said...

hahaha! Maryn's favorite Christmas presents at my mom's and Christmas morning here are home were both, hands down, yogurt melts! In fact, in both places I requested that those be opened last or else I knew no other presents would be opened.

Renee said...


I'm trying this blogging again. I need held with a nice background. How did you create your background???

Please help. Your not so smart blogging friend,