Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19: Snow

It intrigued her.She was happy to try it.
She hated it.
But it is very nice.

No more words...I've got the sick that the Little had.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you are sick. I hope it is over quickly. Libby is so adorable. I am with her about the snow. I love it from inside a nice, warm, cozy house but when I have to be in it... not so much! However, I do have to admit, I miss it at this time of the year.
~ Jan Mc

Amanda said...

I really, really love that second picture! She is sooo pretty.

Sandra said...

Sorry you aren't feeling so good now - you'll have to go and get some anti-biotics for you to take as well.
Libby obviously wasn't very impressed with the snow which must have been a dissapointment to Kevin who would have loved to play outside with her in the snow. What does Gus think of it?

Mel said...

we just had a good laugh at poor Libby's sad face in the snow