Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 23rd: Jones Family Christmas Eve

I think tonight I'll call it a wrap.  Tomorrow will be our Jones family Christmas, and then all bets are off for me getting back to a computer to write.  

We have listened to a lot of Christmas music these last few weeks.  I have Pentatonix on repeat.  I have caught myself daydreaming that my voice would blend perfectly with their stunning acapella tunes.  Then I think this is what heaven is going to sound like, except like a million times better. Then I wonder if the thousands of people who sing these songs at Christmas have any idea of the magnitude of the words that they are singing.  They so beautifully deliver the most powerful story in history.  We casually walk through malls or grocery stores and hear these words and I wonder if I have become numb or immune to the power in their words.  

With all the fun, and all the red and green, the cookies, the hot chocolate and everything else, I hope that we can always remember why we take a whole month out of  the year to celebrate.  I hope that we can let the power of the Christmas story penetrate us right down to our souls.

 Tonight when I tucked Cooper into bed, I asked him what Christmas was about and he answered Jesus.  Why, yes, my little son, you are correct.  May !

Happy Christmas friends! May yours be warm and cozy and all you hoped it would be.

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