Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1

I bet you thought you wouldn't find me here this year. But I'm here, and it's Christmastime, and in the words of my lovely girl "I just love December!"

Hello old blog, I've missed you and your run-on sentences and misspelled words.
Life is so busy (seriously, take me back to reading books on a blanket with my babies).
I'm learning that you can live life intentionally or you can be swallowed whole by all that busyness. If I'm honest, and of course I am, I have been falling into "the swallow you whole" category.  I'm looking forward to this month.  I have no expectations, except that Christmas will come.
Christmas will come and my children's eyes will dance with excitement all month long.
Christmas will come even if my cards never make it out.
Christmas will come and we will drink hot chocolate for no reason.
Christmas will come even if my house is a mess.
Christmas will come because I need a Savior, and He came!

And we celebrate.  And sometimes we lose sight of just what we are celebrating.

So right here and I now I vow to slow down.  To post on this old thing.  To enjoy this month and all it's sugar plums.  To remember what all this holly jolly is about.

Welcome December with all you tinsel and bows, your red and green and your coming King!

I'm glad you're here!

Happy Christmas.


Sandra said...

So pleased to see the blog active again. Lovely family photo and looks like Maggie is feeling better.

Laura said...

HOOOORAY. adorable picture also.

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Cheers to you and your blog! I, too, love the picture.

Mommas Muse said...

I just read all your blogs backwards. And what a joy it was to read them. You have such a gift for writing and speaking authentically. It is such a challenge to blog and have 3 kids. I have failed miserably at that this year. But your blogs are so inspirational and you have such a sweet family. I truly miss you.