Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Maybe I'll Think Of A Title By the Time I'm Done Writing

 Libby took these photos of herself today.  I love them.  I didn't even teach her about selfies and some how she manged to get these keepers.
Shoo-eee, life has felt busy lately.  Sometimes I feel like I need to care about either everything in the world or absolutely nothing.  Caring about everything in the world and nurturing our family leaves little time for silly little things like writing down my memories in a blog.  I want to care about this place though.  I love it and I hate it.  It is beautiful and it is painful.  The things I have written down here I can remember like they were yesterday.  Like that time that we ran with our daughter on the beach in Bude until the sun went down on her 2nd birthday. The things in-between have blurred in mind like they might have happened, but I can't be exactly sure.  For instance, I think that Maggie was 2 1/2 once, but I can't remember anything about her when she was 2 1/2.  How can that be?  Picking up where I left off seems daunting but I feel  like if I don't write this blog, I don't pick up our big camera and I think that it's important that we have these pictures.  I think that it is important that I take full advantage of these quickly passing days.
We didn't do much today but I decided to stop and take pictures of them playing, that is when Libby would share the camera with me.  We flipped the house upside down this weekend and made the kids a new play area.  They have been perched in their nook the last two days to avoid the lovely summer temperatures.

I love how delightfully little she looks in this picture.  
I don't know if I can keep this blog up anymore, but  I want to.  Maybe I can just come back every six months or so for a massive update.  I hope that I can. I  think that I can remember things like vacations and first days of school with out writing them down. Sitting in the sun with your baby brother and just being little I think this is the kind of thing I don't want to forget.
 Maggie was trying so hard to make her bed and Cooper was not helping one bit.
She knew I was watching her every move.  She knows how to get to me.  She knew that with the way the sunshine was streaming in I would find it nearly impossible to fuss at her for not making her bed.

. That's it.  I'm going to try to not care so much about everything and just try to write something.  Something has to better than nothing.

Grace and Peace

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Sandra said...

Some lovely photos - so good to see the blog back again. I hope we don't have to wait another 3 months for the next installment!