Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PreSchool Easter

I have really enjoyed being the parent at school and not the one in charge of the school activities. This was at Libby's Easter performance.  I can't remember what they did...sang maybe?  I think they recited a memory verse too.  I am a horrible parent...
 Maybe I should ask Coop, he looks like he paid better attention than I did.
 Her teacher was so sweet to let Maggie participate in the egg hunt. (The little girl in the foreground is one of Libby's close friends, Brynn, she talk about her all the time)
 Libby's teacher color coated the egg hunt.  She would call out the egg color that the children needed to hunt for.  Then she would explain what object was in it and and what it represented.  Each egg told a piece of the Resurrection story.

 Sweet sisters.

 This picture is free of charge just because he is so stinking cute in it!

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