Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good Job

I have never read the book The Five Love Languages but recently Kevin and I took a test online to determine what love language we are.  No surprise to me that Kevin's is physical touch- I probably could have told you that with out the test.:)  Mine is words of affirmation, which in a nut shell means, you can show me you love me by encouraging me with words.  For example. "Carly your hair looks nice," or "Carly your math skills are amazing," or "Carly, there is a good chance you should write a book on grammar."

I am pretty sure that my dear old Dad has never read this particular book.  There may me chance that he doesn't even know that such a language exists, but for my whole life, for as long as I can remember my dad has spoken my love language.  Always encouraging, always building me up.

Many of these mothering days when I question my every move when I'm sure that I am screwing everything up, he is so quick to tell me "you're a good mom darlin', I'm proud of you."  It's like an adrenalin boost that I need when I think this job is too tough.

Thanks Dad, I know you're reading even when everyone else has stopped :)


Mommas Muse said...

Well thank you for making me cry this morning ;) My dad speaks my love language too. This post was such a joy to read.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely amazing how our dad's know exactly what to say to help us when we have doubts.

Art teacjer said...

I'm here, too. Busy, busy time for me, but never too busy to commend you and your sister for the amazing mom's you are to your children. Especially grateful that you have a dad who knows what to say and when to say it. We've been blessed.

Kevin Jones said...

I meant to sign off as Art Teacher's mom on that comment...don't know what happened. :)

Laura said...

I am here!

1. I love these pics.
2. You are amazing!
3. You should write a math, grammar, and funny story book. I would read it.