Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Letters

Every year since Libby was born we have bought her a new Christmas ornament. Inside it's box I write  her (now them) a letter summarizing their year.  I include things like milestones, things they like to play, and their favorite book at the time.

Right now they don't care much about the letters, but I reread them every year, and every year I cry.
 If our house ever catches on fire I'm going to run to the attic to save the ornaments with the letters.  On second thought, I think I have them all saved on the computer so maybe I'll just save it instead, then I won't have to go up in our attic again.
Here are the girls ornaments for this year.  Maggie's is an owl because she would wear her owl shirt (even though she has out grown it now) every day if we would let her.

Libby's is  ballerina since she started dance.  No sooner had this delicate little lady made in on the tree than her foot broke off.  I think that I'll include that in her letter for this year.
Cooper's is a baby's first Christmas booty, but I haven't hung it on the tree yet.  His letter will include a sentence about him being the happiest baby I have ever met.  He smiles as soon as you look at him.  First thing in the morning, smiles! It's the absolute best thing to have happen to you first thing in the morning.

 These precious children Wear. Me. Out.  When I tell you I can't keep up with anything, I really truly mean it.  In my bedroom at this very moment there is a cluster of stuff on the floor that includes a pony tail holder, a baby doll blanket, a bath toy, and a sun glasses case.  It is amazing to me the stuff that gathers in piles.  My laundry folding took up every square foot of space in our living room today while I folded...I folded all day.  I really did.
However, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Sure, I would love to catch my breath some days, and I'm sure one day I will.

But for now, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.
Beautiful chaos.
Beautiful place to be.

 I'll write that in the letters too.
Grace and Peace

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Sandra said...

Beautiful chaos - maybe
Beautiful place to be - yes because you are a beautiful family.
The tree looks good and no doubt the tale of the ballerina with the missing foot will be recounted every year in the future!