Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Travel: Part 1

Our Christmas season kicks off at my parents house after Thanksgiving, so I'm including our drive back home as part of the Christmas countdown.  I'm breaking the journey into two separate posts.  This is part one, or the good part, the part that was magical.  Part 2 was not so magical.
We chose a different route home this trip that took us right past the inn where we gave our hearts to each other all those years ago.  We told the girls we were going to show them where we got married.  When we pulled up they said "this is where Mommy got married?"  Apparently they didn't want to acknowledge that Daddy was there too.  

I didn't think I would be affected by it much.  I thought it would be nice to go there again, but I didn't realize how special it actually was.  
They both said "Mommy, is this where you danced?"

The sky was blue, and our little girls ran and giggled.  It was surreal.  Everything I felt that day came flooding back. When we walked towards the bridge that we crossed just before the ceremony  I remember looking at my Dad choking back tears to tell him that I was happy. 

 I wondered how it was even possible that we could be happier than we were that day, yet here we are 8 years and three darling ones later..Happier. Arms brimming with blessings far more than we could ever possibly deserve.

Marriage is a lot of work.  Sometimes my husband drives me nuts. Clearly that is because  after 8 years he should know exactly what I'm thinking at all times.  On the days he's not a mind reader, on the days that sleep is the one thing we wanted but we didn't get, on the days  if we had just a few more pennies life would be easier, sure, marriage is hard work.  Mostly though, I'm just happy he's here with me.  I can't picture life before he was a part of it.

What's more merry than a love story.  I throw it in as an added bonus to you. 
I also throw in these pictures of my girls, because to them, if a wedding took place here, then dancing took place here. 

Those ballet classes really seem to be paying off, ehh?

They danced all the way back to the car.  That is when we realized that our dog had eaten all the available snacks and been sick between the seats...and that is where I'll start part two of my  holiday travel posts.
Jingle Bells


Laura said...

Libs is doing River Dance and I love it!

Art Teacher's Mom said...

These family pictures are exceptional. I totally agree with Laura that Libby has mastered River Dance. Now I need to compose myself and get ready for work as I envision Gus quickly consuming anything edible that was left within his reach. LOL!

Sandra said...

Kent Manor is looking good even in winter - the girls must have been excited to see it but it sounds like we might be going from the magical to a nightmare for tomorrows post! Can't wait to see how the journey ends.

Jennifer Flechas said...


I got goose bumps reading your post. To see that you took your little ones back to the place that means so much to you and Kevin was beautiful. I am so lucky to have been there on that day and now to get to see these precious special. We love you five.