Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When The Training Wheels Come Off

Sometimes when I am going about my day, I have a poetic moment and I think to myself "self, I'm going to blog about this thought."  I know I am not a great writer, but it is a creative outlet for me which for my sanity, I need.  
No really, for my sanity.
The problem is that my mind is a little like a sieve right now.  As soon as something comes to me it slips right on through into world of thoughts I have forgotten.  
So this post that was supposed to be written the day after Grandma left for the mother land is long since forgotten.  
I will say that her presence, along with that of my parents is missed.  The dusty floor, the dishes piled up, the laundry-oh the laundry- and the children say so.

I don't think that you will ever catch me pretending to have it all together.  Okay, so maybe sometimes I pretend to have it all together, but it is always followed by me tripping incredibly ungracefully in public.  For the last 4 weeks I wake up in the morning and yes, I brush my teeth, I even brush my hair, and every other day I throw a little makeup at my face, but the truth is I think that the only way I  even maintain that routine is through minute to minute grace.  

I include this picture just to point out that it would appear that Libby's doll is being eaten by a tortoise.  Poor doll.  Scary tortoise.

In the moment of having help around my house whether it was doing my dishes or laundry or entertaining energetic little girls, I don't think I was thankful enough for it.  Now that it is gone, I can feel it.  I should have said thank you a lot more.  So parents, thank you, thank you, and thank you a million times over again. As my very wise husband put it, we would have never made it through the first three weeks with out you.

 Okay, so maybe we would have made it, but I'm sure the dog would have been a goner.
If you actually read my blog, keep on scrolling, I have been trying to update for a couple of days now, so there are several posts from the last month of having our sweet boy in our life.
Grace and Peace

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Sandra said...

I wouldn't have missed the chance to spend time with you all and get to know that beautiful baby boy.
If the price was folding a few clothes and emptying the dishwasher occaisionally it was more than worth it!