Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Time For Me To Write This Post

I wrote this post a week ago.  Neverless, read it if you have nothing better to do.  Or just skip to the end and look at the pictures to avoid my inevitable grammatical errors. 
When I was expecting Maggie, Kevin was out of town a lot of my third trimester.  I distinctly remember thinking I was never going to make it to the end.  My temper was short and my attitude was bad.
There were low points, a lot of them.  I remembering my teeny tiny two year old Little saying "Mommy don't cry."  I can also hear my darling sister telling me "pregnancy is not an excuse for behaving poorly."  Her words have rang like a clinging bell in my head since I read the words "pregnant" on that little white stick back in January.  I thought this it Carly, God is giving you one more chance to maintain poise and grace while carrying around excess weight and all the other delightful effects of pregnancy.
I think I was getting a little cocky about it.  I kept thinking, I've got it this time.  I can still be a fun mom and a loving wife and play with my kids and make them dinner and move houses and keep the new house clean, all while maintaining a perfect attitude, completely unaffected by the dregs of pregnancy.
Then I reached my third trimester.  This happened about a week ago, while we were on a weekend getaway...(the day that I mentioned when I could barely muster a dirty look at Kev happened on this trip).  Yesterday my blood boiled because the playroom wasn't as tidy as I liked  and today my blood has been boiling because the dog keeps going to the bathroom in the house,Maggie drew on a pillow with permanent marker and Libby made a slide out of her mattress after I told her that today wasn't the day for mattress slide making.  The funny thing is, in my crazy brain right now, even though my husband is at work earning diligently to provide for our family, if I let myself, I could probably find a reason why all of those things are his fault and not just the result of a bad day.
Yet still, Amy White's words ring true, "pregnancy is not an excuse for behaving badly."
So I go on.  It's true I turned on the TV today and plopped the children in front of it and gave myself a time out.  Then I thought, I would get it off my chest, write it down here to hold myself accountable and throw in some pictures of my darlings to remind myself how beautiful they are to me.
Confession has been made...blood boiling level is coming down, the girls are ignoring the TV and playing a silly game together and it is almost nap time.
I will not behave poorly just bc I am with child.


Pictures are better than words
Rodanthe, NC

Kev's Work Party
Just FYI probably the one of the greatest days of my children's life.  They got push-up pops, glitter tattoos, and there were pony rides.  Amen.

 Did I mention there were bounce houses also?

 Like I said their best day ever.  Cheers.

Random Chix Beach photos and or pictures of what salt water does to Maggie's hair.
Maggie has taken to shouting "Neva"(never) when she doesn't want to do something.  It is very dramatic, I didn't know she had it in her.
Walking to our beach.
Libby and her goggles, aka "spiers."  I actually thought she would never take them off.

Maggie's hair is one of my favorite things.  I am never cutting it. Ever.

Holy big belly batman.  I still have ten weeks left.  I'm okay with this, but if you say anything other than encouraging about it I'm taking you off my Christmas card list.  
Empty threats. 
 No really.
I live here and I like it, but when I go anywhere else in this city I get nervous and I want to go back home.
The beach make this girl run, and twirl, and always by accident  gets just a little bit wet. (I hear she comes by this naturally).

That is all that technology will let me do right now.  Hopefully, that will suffice until I can get the rest of the pictures off of my phone.

Grace and Peace


Lindsey said...

The way you love your Maggie's hair is the same way I love my Landon's hair :) With a passion!! Your girls are so cute and free spirited. Love it.

Sandra said...

I have no wish to be removed from your Christmas card list so all I will say is the photo you refered to reminded me of one taken in Bude in 2010 - almost exactly the same except for the sunset!

Abigail said...

This post is chock full of lovely images, but those two of Maggie sitting indoors in the pink tutu are positively dreamy.

And thanks for sharing your sister's words. I'm going to steal them and substitute whatever the moment demands, e.g. "..... is no excuse for acting badly." It's a hard truth, but one I often need!

Erin said...

You are like an old friend that I only get to keep up with through blog. Can I just say, "thank you"? I was having a bad day and something about your honesty made me feel human instead of horrible.

Thinking of you...

Amanda said...

I had lost track of you and your blog and wandered on here. Congratulations on your third little one and holy cow, Libby looks like a different child. She's so grown up. :)

Andrea said...

Oh mercy, I was not a nice person while in the last trimester with my third. I was also living with my parents, house hunting, and moved into a house three days before delivery. I was someone I didn't want to be. I felt like a hormonal teenager but...much bigger. Hang in there! Your photos are beautiful as always, and you like great!