Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maggie Montage

January 7th came and went without me writing a mournful post about babies getting bigger, or my children leaving for college, or running off and getting married.  There is something about the second child that makes it a little easier to let them grow up. I don't seem to resist it quite as much.

Look how far I have come in my parenting skills
Maybe it is because even though we are leaving a beautiful time in her life, I know we are entering one equally as beautiful.  This stage of her life may even be a bit more magical as her imagination grows and develops to discover wonderful games and far off places that only she will know about.
On Monday morning our sweet Maggie Bell turned two years old.  There are times when I forget that she is two and I think that she is still my baby, but then she reminds me by saying "no Dada's baby," and puts me in my place.  Something inside her ignited over Christmas and all of a sudden she can talk.  Some days she wanders around the house just randomly saying all the words she knows, for example "ummm Sissy, ummm Bubble (trouble), ummm kitty, ummmm Gus, ummmm Bab-bette," and on and on it goes.

Most of the time, when she is sad, she still wants me to hold her, but occasionally when something makes her upset she will only want Libby to comfort her.  Whenever I see her turn to her sister for comfort I get a bit misty inside because I totally understand what she is doing.

These sisters have an unbreakable bond that no one can take away from them.  It is God designed secret society called "the sister club" made especially for the Jones girls and no one else.  I hope that they always cherish it.
On her birthday we had school, lunch with Daddy, cupcakes, and presents.  I am planning a little party for her this weekend.  I am trying to make it special and unique for her while not going over the top.

Laura Gillian made me feel guilty for not posting a Maggie Post on her birthday so I put to together a 3 min slide show of pictures of her 2nd year of life.  It took me most of the day so I am hoping that it frees me of any  guilt I am harboring for not writing about her on her actual day of birth.
Maggie Bell is probably the sweetest little girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Sometimes she just needs to touch you to know that you are there.When I hold her she rubs the back of my arm like she is the one giving the comfort and actually, I think sometimes she is.  Maggie is happy just being a part of whatever her loved ones are doing.  She does require a lot of entertainment, just as long as she is included.  She throws temper tantrums like any other toddler but she can easily be talked down from it, which is new territory for me :) Definitely teaching me how very different two children can be.
 Maggie is warm and inviting. She feels like home to me.      

She is a precious gift designed to fit perfectly within our family.  We are so thankful for her little life.
Here is that little montage I mentioned...Watch it if you have a spare 3 minutes in your day.  I promise you wont regret it!

Grace and Peace and lots more birthdays for my darlings.


Sandra said...

Well I have found a spare 6 minutes and watched the video twice already! It is beautiful and so is Maggie - I loved it all.
Hope you have a great party at the weekend and, whatever you do, I know it will be special for Maggie.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Maggie Bell. Also, she looks startled in the present picture :)

Dawn said...

I watched it twice too! How the moments fly...enjoy your little ones, Carly :)

Art Teacher's Mom said...

It's late and I only have time to watch it once, but I'll be sure to watch it tomorrow and probably the next day. Maggie is a beauty...and so very sweet. Thanks for putting the video together. Priceless!