Friday, January 25, 2013

Home Bound

I really should be folding the laundry.  I thought to myself "what better way to avoid folding laundry than to write a blog."  Plus, several of those pictures from Maggie's party are very blurry and it bugs when I open my page and that is what I see.
Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night sneezing and coughing uncontrollably.  Everything on my face hurt and I laid in bed wondering if I should tough it out and try to go back to sleep or walk myself downstairs to the medicine cabinet to find a Tylenol and a tissue.   I was down and out for the rest of the week with what I can only assume was the flu, since I never went to the doctor.  Fortunately, Kev was able to come home early from working away to take care of me and the girls because when I feel that bad, I become a parenting failure, unable to manage even the smallest of tasks gracefully.
I was still feeling rough this weekend, but I managed to get out and about a bit bc staying in the house was driving me batty.  I'm glad I did bc I think it helped me get over the hump to feeling better.  Then Monday our normal winter weather took a drastic turn into real winter weather.  The thermometer (is it a thermometer of barometer)  hasn't crept over 30 degrees once this week.  We did try to play outside one day, but were driven indoors after about ten minutes.

Notice that Libby's hair is crooked on the opposite side now, due to her taking another stab at cutting her own hair...that was fun.  Again.
This afternoon we are getting dusted by snow again, and it is currently 21 degrees.  I am hungry for spring.  It might be a bit early to start longing for it, but my desire for spring normally kicks in just after Christmas.  Projected temps for next week are a bit warmer.  Maybe all this cold air has killed all the germs and it will be safe for us to get out  play again in the near future.
This picture is for my mom and dad.  The horse was Maggie's birthday gift from them, on this evening she road him with all her  might shouting "Po-po- han-tus" and laughing with rock back and forth.

Hoping it is warmer where you are.
Grace and Peace


Sandra said...

I am back in Bude now and it is not too cold and the rain is pouring down!
Glad you are feeling better at last. Its no fun looking after children when you are feeling poorly.

Art Teacher's Mom said...

Love Libby's bangs! She's such an adventurous spirit. Thanks for the photo of Maggie on the horse. So cute...I'm looking forward to seeing more.