Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day

We made Kev a slide show for V-Day...the pics below are from our mischievous photo session the other day.

In the words of the Beatles , "All you need is love"
Grace and peace


The Herrenbrucks said...

ok - this is SOOOOO cute!!!!!! who took them? you guys are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's day my sweet friends.
Love, Jan Mc

Amanda said...

Dear Carly,

Do you live in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine? Just wondering!


MommyB said...

I LOVE it, pun intended. Too cute for words!

Art Teacher said...

Erin, I took these pics myself using the timer and a tri-pod.

Amanda, That is the best compliment that anyone could give me!

Amanda said...

lol I love BH & G and your house, your creative little doo-dads, your prettiness and your baby girl are ALL very magazine worthy!