Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23: Hope

I hope you're done your shopping.
I hope you mailed your cards.
I hope you baked some cookies (and ate a couple).
I hope your laundry is done.
I hope that you have had some eggnog or hot chocolate this season.
I hope that you drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
I hope that you wore red this December at least once (don't worry if you haven't there is still time),
I hope that not feeling worn out and tired.

I hope that you know the hope that Christmas all but whispers to us in these busy times.
My plan, in this evening or two that I have left before Christmas arrives, is to listen for the whisper and let my heart be full of the love that He sent to us that night...

Here's hoping you do the same.


Jill said...

I secretly know that these pictures were taken for me. Why you may ask? Because I was on the phone when you took them and told them they were for me. See you tomorrow!

Sandra said...

I was doing well with your list of hopes - shopping done, cards posted etc. then Trevor came home and over-filled the laundry basket but he did bring the egg nog so I will soon be able to tick that one off the list too.
Have a safe trip to Baltimore and we will see you for a web chat tomorrow.

The Herrenbrucks said...

Love your post and wishing you, Kev, and Libs a very Merry Christmas!

Mel said...

what a great Christmas card we received in the mail today :)
It was fabulous, just as i expected
merry christmas